Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Who named the sky's color blue?
It wasn't me. Was it you?
I have never liked this name very well.
It sounds sad and is hard to spell.
Let's not call it blue, just for today.
Kubu would be more fun to say.
The bright kubu sky meets the deep kubu sea.
This sounds happier to me.
Let's see what we can do with the color red.
It sounds like a book that has been put to bed.
Let's not call it red, just for today.
Bipo would be more fun to say.
The shiny bipo apple fell from the tree.
This sounds happier to me.
A new name is needed for the color white.
It sounds like teeth without any bite
Let's not call it white, just for today
Dizzle would be more fun to say.
The dizzle clouds floated free.
This sounds happier to me.
Our flag's colors of red, white, and blue
Would now be bipo, dizzle and kubu.
This would be a fun thing to say.
Just remember, it's only for today.
Yellow's name can stay the same.
For sunshine there is no better name.
Let's keep the name yellow for today.
Yellow is a fun word to say.
The yellow bus takes me home at three.
This makes yellow sound happy to me.

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  1. Gloria you are sooo clever!! Love your imagination.